About the Brand

Dainty. Minimal. Stackable.

A series of atypical fine and semi-fine jewelries made for everyday wear.

The Owner

Flecked with Gold  is founded and run by Ernestine since November 2019. At 23 years old that time, and more even years before that, she has been leaning into the world of entrepreneurship, photography and retouching, and mostly online shopping (who doesn't?!), combining it all to one.

"I find myself on cloud nine whenever I curate and come up with new items, take photos, and launch the pieces after I do some post processing. It's fun, it's a hobby. This business is truly like a baby to me, as what other shop owners that I have connected with always say. It's relieving to look back and watch it grow. I love to be in this field, it's something that I can do effortlessly. Creativity just comes out, all I gotta do is manage. And each piece I select has a meaning to me, I won't leave it here if I don't feel it. I would like the shoppers to have a perspective of my own taste, get inspired by it, and wear the pieces their way."

Launching a jewellery store online is one of her unplanned yet turned out to be a blooming business endeavor- a decision that she never concretely made, but just happened in God's will.

Set a trend. Dare to be different.