Jewelry Care/Guide

Know more about your jewellery and its care guide.
We suggest to store your pieces inside the pouch or jewelry box that we provide. 

All our items are shower-safe and beach-safe! However, it’s good to practice caution as constant contact with perfume, lotions, heavy creams and other chemicals will shorten the lifespan of your pieces.


14kt and 18kt Philippine Solid Gold

Our locally handmade and locally sourced fine jewelry is made of 14kt or 18kt pure gold. And yes, they are pawnable!

Solid gold is the only true type of metal that never tarnishes and lasts until the next generations even with daily wet and dry wear. It will only look dull, but never tarnished.

Care Guide:

If you find your solid gold jewelry looking dull or dirty, wash the pieces with warm water first, then delicately brush the pieces (with a soft brush) using a mild dishwashing soap. Rinse it clean with tap water, then air dry over a soft towel. Into the pouch/box once it's fully dried!


Alternative to solid gold, just not pawnable!

A semi-fine (non-pawnable) jewelry coated with microns of real/solid gold and mixed with a non-tarnish metal (US grade stainless steel) on the inside. Nickel-free, hypoallergenic, shower-safe and beach-safe! No more worrying about green skin. Try to keep away from lotions, soaps, and the likes when you can, to keep its color lasting for years and more.

Care Guide:

  • If you find your pieces looking stiff and dull, soak them a few seconds in warm water and gently dry with soft towel. 
  • Into the pouch/box when not in use!

    Sterling Silver/Gold Vermeil

    A semi-fine (non-pawnable) jewelry coated with microns of real/solid gold and made of genuine silver on the inside. To keep your silver jewelry looking new, it should be the last thing you put in the morning, and the first thing you take off at night.

    • Limit contact with water, make-up, creams, perfume, and lotions.
    • Remove prior to swimming, bathing, and doing other sweaty activities.
    • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.
    • Avoid liquid cleaners and other strong chemicals.

    Your silver is going to change color over time, but how quickly it changes depends on how often you wear it and the chemicals you expose it to.

    Care Guide:

    • Polish frequently with a soft polishing cloth to keep it shining (but it won’t remove the scratches so it’s important that you protect your jewelry.)
    • Into the pouch/box when not in use!