Jewelry Care/Guide

Know more about your jewellery and its care guide.
We suggest to store your pieces inside the pouch or jewelry box that we provide. 

All our items are non-tarnish, skin-friendly, shower-safe and beach-safe! Our materials are carefully selected for quality and durability, so you'll never want to take them off. It’s good to practice caution as constant contact with perfume, lotions, heavy creams and other chemicals might shorten the outer lifespan of your pieces.

As for sustainability, our goldsmiths make sure no amount of gold is wasted in the process, so we make small batches and per order basis only, and open to transforming old solid gold pieces into new ones. ūüíõ


14kt and 18kt Real Gold

Our locally handmade and locally sourced fine jewelry is made of solid 14kt or 18kt real gold. And yes, they are pawnable!

Real gold is the only true type of metal that never tarnishes and lasts until the next generations even with daily wet and dry wear. Talk about wise investment! It will only look dull which can easily be resolved, but never ever tarnished!

Care Guide:

If you find your solid gold jewelry looking dull or dirty, wash the pieces with warm water first, then delicately brush the pieces (with a soft brush) using a mild dishwashing soap. Rinse it clean with tap water, then air dry over a soft towel. Into the pouch/box once it's fully dried.


Alternative to solid gold, not pawnable.

Our gold-filled pieces stand above the rest because of the thick outside plating process that we use. A worth-it investment that can be worn 24/7 even in the shower.

  • Microns of real/solid gold on the outside
  • US¬†grade¬†stainless steel on the inside

Nickel-free, hypoallergenic, non-tarnish, shower-safe and beach-safe! No more worrying about green skin.

Care Guide:

  • If you find your pieces looking stiff and dull,¬†soak them a few seconds in warm water and gently dry with soft towel.¬†
  • You can also just wipe with a jewelry cloth to¬†make it shiny as brand new!
  • Into the pouch/box when not in use!

    Sterling Silver/Gold Vermeil

    Alternative to solid gold, not pawnable.

    Our gold vermeil pieces stand above the rest because of the lighter gold tone that we use besides our thick outside plating process. A worth-it investment that can be worn on a day to day basis.

    • Microns of real/solid gold on the outside
    • Genuine sterling silver on the inside

      Vermeil is going to change color over time due to natural properties, but how quickly it changes depends on how often you expose it to chemicals. Quick tip is replating for vermeil (costing only under $10). As for silver/platinum, fret not, simply wiping it gently with a silver polishing cloth will regain its original color and shine. ♡

      Care Guide:

      • Limit contact¬†on make-up, creams, perfume, and lotions. Harsh chemicals like detergent/cleaners can possibly affect the color, which you can easily wipe with a jewelry cloth. :)
      • When not in use, avoid¬†exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.
      • Polish frequently with a¬†jewelry polishing cloth to keep it¬†shiny as brand new. Into the pouch/box when not in use!

      Natural Diamonds (Real Diamonds)

      We use Philippine-sourced diamonds on our custom-made pieces with flawless/whitest quality as much as possible.

      Moissanite Stones

      Mostly used as a slightly affordable alternative for diamonds, and durable as one which makes it perfect for everyday wear. It also has a resistance against chipping and breaking.

      Signity Diamonds

      A man-made fiery diamond which never gets cloudy. It is a go-to finishing detail (if not natural diamonds) on our custom-made pieces because of its affordability and irresistible sparkle.

      Russian Diamonds

      A lab-grown stone which simulates the appearance of a mined diamond in terms of brightness and sparkle, minus its physical/chemical characteristics. Mostly used in birthstones unless otherwise stated.