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The Barely There Ultra Thin Necklace in Solid Gold

The Barely There Ultra Thin Necklace in Solid Gold

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A budget investment piece. Start your layering journey with this chain!

Material: 18kt Pawnable Lightweight Real Gold, 5-10mm length discrepancy is inevitable

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Skin and earth kind, shower-safe, tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

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Flecked with Gold is all about self-love, rewarding self,
and making one feel good through their style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nei Jarin
The Barely There Ultra Thin Necklace in Solid Gold

I'm so happy and amazed of their quick service! They offer to replace the necklace with a new one. Thank you for giving me tips on how to untangle my necklace and again I really appreciate your help and assistance.

[Resolved: I was excited to receive it, it was so dainty. However upon seeing the package and item, it was so tangled even if it was attached to a paper tag. I wasn't able to wear it. I tried my best not to pull it off too hard to untangle. I guess I need to have it Re-melt and fix. :( ]

Hi Nei,

We are happy to help you out! We'll setup a pickup asap so we can fix this for you. ♡ You should easily be able to pull up the chains (as how we have tested before) using the circle tag. We'll reach out to you!

Tips for everyone regarding tangled chains: Lay the chain flat on a white table. Use a toothpick or a similar tool to gently poke on a certain area of the chain so that they would slowly break loose from each other, until you find a small gap which you can use as a starting point to untangle the rest of the chain. ♡

Daintiest piece

I got so excited when I received the necklace. It was so pretty and I loved how dainty it was. <3


Literal what you see is what will you get!!! Thank you FWG, the necklace was so pretty!!

Iane Salamat
The Barely There Ultra Thin Necklace in Solid Gold

It is super beautiful and it is indeed barely there as my boyfriend didn’t really notice it when I was putting it on. And even when I was wearing it. Lol. My only concern is that since it is “barely there”, it is ultra thin and it might be prone to be broken. I’m wondering if you have a process for that like can you offer fixing the necklace? :)

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